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Several out of bounds reads in ProFTPD

The latest releases of ProFTPD 1.3.5a and 1.3.6rc2 fix several out of bounds read issues. I discovered these issues by running the test suite with Address Sanitizer enabled.

An invalid off by one read can happen in the function pr_fs_dircat(). This affects both 1.3.5a and 1.3.6rc1 and earlier.
Upstream bug report
Git commit / fix

An invalid off by one read can happen in the string handling function pr_ascii_ftp_to_crlf(). This code is not present in the stable 1.3.5 release series and only affects 1.3.6 release candidates before rc2.
Upstream bug report
Git commit / fix

A missing null termination of a string causes an out of bounds memory read in a test. This does not affect the ProFTPD code itself, it's just an issue in the test suite.
Upstream bug report
Git commit / fix

Independent of these memory access issues I discovered an issue in ProFTPD regarding Diffie Hellman parameters. The server will choose risky 1024 bit parameters and ignore a user-supplied parameter file.

Heap use after free in Pidgin-OTR plugin (CVE-2015-8833)

The pidgin-otr plugin version 4.0.2 fixes a heap use after free error. The bug is triggered when a user tries to authenticate a buddy and happens in the function create_smp_dialog.

The bug was discovered with Address Sanitizer. This is yet another example why all C/C++ code should be tested with Address Sanitizer enabled.

This bug was already independently discovered and reported by Stefan Sperling in the otr bug tracker.

Independend of this bug another more severe bug in Libotr itself was also disclosed today, please make sure you update both libotr (4.1.1) and the pidgin-otr plugin (4.0.2).

Upstream bug report (contains Address Sanitizer stack trace)
Commit / fix