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Several out of bounds reads in ProFTPD

The latest releases of ProFTPD 1.3.5a and 1.3.6rc2 fix several out of bounds read issues. I discovered these issues by running the test suite with Address Sanitizer enabled.

An invalid off by one read can happen in the function pr_fs_dircat(). This affects both 1.3.5a and 1.3.6rc1 and earlier.
Upstream bug report
Git commit / fix

An invalid off by one read can happen in the string handling function pr_ascii_ftp_to_crlf(). This code is not present in the stable 1.3.5 release series and only affects 1.3.6 release candidates before rc2.
Upstream bug report
Git commit / fix

A missing null termination of a string causes an out of bounds memory read in a test. This does not affect the ProFTPD code itself, it's just an issue in the test suite.
Upstream bug report
Git commit / fix

Independent of these memory access issues I discovered an issue in ProFTPD regarding Diffie Hellman parameters. The server will choose risky 1024 bit parameters and ignore a user-supplied parameter file.


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