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Stack overflows and out of bounds read in dpkg (Debian)

Two stack overflows and one stack out of bounds access were fixed in dpkg, the package management tool from Debian.

A call to the function read_line didn't consider a trailing zero byte in the target buffer and thus could cause a one byte stack overflow with a zero byte. This issue was already fixed in the testing code when I reported it, but the fix wasn't backported to stable yet.
Git commit / fix
Minimal PoC file
The Debian developers consider this as non-exploitable, therefore no CVE got assigned.

A second almost identical stack overflow due to a call to the function read_line was in the same file.
Minimal PoC file
This issues got the id CVE-2015-0860.

A stack out of bounds read can happen in the function dpkg_ar_normalize_name. There is a read access to an array where the index can have the value -1. A check if the index is a positive value fixes this.
Minimal PoC file

All issues were found with the help of american fuzzy lop and address sanitizer.

Debian has published the advisory DSA 3407-1. Fixes packages for both stable (Jessie) and oldstable (Wheezy) have been published.

Ubuntu has published the advisory USN-2820-1. Fixed packages for Ubuntu 15.10, 15.04 and the LTS versions 14.04 and 12.04 have been published.

The updates fix all three issues. All users of Ubuntu, Debian and other dpkg/apt-based distributions should update.