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Talk / Session at 32C3

I'm currently at the 32C3. Tomorrow (Day 3, 28th December) I will give a small talk about the Fuzzing Project. This will be hosted by the Free Software Foundation Assembly at the congress.

Where? Room A.1
When? 2015-12-28, 19:00

The talk will give a short introduction to Fuzzing and the motivation of the Fuzzing Project. I'll also cover Address Sanitizer and my current efforts in creating a Gentoo Linux system with Address Sanitizer. And finally I'll talk a bit about fuzzing bignum libraries to find crypto vulnerabilities.

There's also a wiki page for the talk, but the 32c3 wiki is currently down.

Update: I've made the slides available as a PDF and on Slideshare.

I will repeat the talk on January 5th, 7 p.m., in the Hackerspace AFRA in Berlin.


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Brian Mitchell on :

are slides going to be made available?

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