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Courier mail server: Write heap overflow in mailbot tool and out of bounds heap read in imap folder parser

Two memory access issues were found in the Courier mail server. These issues were discovered by compiling the software with Address Sanitizer (-fsanitize=address) and running the test suite.

In the file mailboxlist.c, part of the IMAP folder parser, there is a memcmp call checking whether the fist six bytes of a string match "SHARED". However the string can be less than six bytes, which will cause an out of bounds read access. This issue is unlikely to cause much trouble.

In the mailbot tool (mailbot.c) there is a memory allocation for a zero-terminated list of pointers. The allocation only reserves one byte for the zero termination, however it must be the size of the pointer (8 bytes on 64 bit systems). Therefore it causes a write heap overflow of seven zero bytes. The code parses command line data, therefore it is unlikely that any attacker controlled input is affected.

Both issues have been reported to Courier's developer Sam Varshavchik on 27th June 2015 and were fixed with the release of courier 0.75 on 29th June 2015.

Commit / Patch (bundles some unrelated changes, the relevant parts are in mailbot.c and mailboxlist.c)
Courier 0.75 release announcement


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